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Яндекс цитирования КИНОЛОГИЧЕСКИЙ СОЮЗ УКРАИНЫ. Официальный сайт


     Dear Friends!

   Welcome to the official site of uniform- breed kennel «BOSCO FOLTO» which breeds Neapolitan Mastiff dogs.

     Kennel «BOSCO FOLTO» is officially regis- tered with Ukrainian Kennel Union (UKU) – FCI. You will learn on this site about standards of this breed, its history, see photos and profiles of Neapolitan Mastiff dogs. And, of course, you can always select a puppy for yourselves.

     The key principles of kennel «BOSCO FOLTO» work are:
     Permanent  and  rigorous  breed  selection and litter control as well as professional selection of breeding couples, taking into account breed quality, health and mental stability. Line mating with leading breeders for reinforcement of good points.
     Strict  adherence  to  the official standard of the breed (FCI #197) and reinforcement and preservation of all natural and physical qualities of the breed in the litter.
     Guaranteed high quality nurturing of the puppies, timely inoculation with good quality vaccines, timely deworming of pregnant females and puppies, feeding with high quality food as well as timely training/socialization of our puppies.

Best regards,
Neapolitan Mastiff Kennels owner «BOSCO FOLTO»
Irina Shibaeva.